Mosquito Hotend Clone.
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Mosquito Hotend Clone.

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This is not a fake sale!, this product is in Beta! 

Sam Taylor has not yet tested this product. 

Right now I (Sam) have only added small markup on this product to approximately cover my costs including the product, shipping, taxes I pay, Ads, exchange fees, etc. I will add a bigger markup when I know what it prints like and I can personally recommend it. 

Why pay more than the Ali express price for the same products with the same shipping time? Great question! The difference is that you deal with 3D Printing Revolutions 5-star customer service and after-sales help. We deal with refunds and warranty for you. We also don't want to sell garbage. if we haven't tested it ourselves yet we discount it and tell you. If it fails to pass our personal testing we ditch it. If we get bad feedback we will warn you in the product description or remove the product from our store. 


Below is the product description directly ripped from Ali express.

Mellow All Metal NF-Crazy Hotend V6 Copper Nozzle For Ender 3 CR10 Prusa I3 MK3S Alfawise Titan/Bmg Extruder 3D Printer Parts

Brand Name: Mellow


Item Type: J-head

Model Number: 8MOSHT

Print temperature range: Up to 450C

Heating block material: Copper

Filament Size: 1.75mm

Ordinary version: Suitable for small flow normal speed printing

Magnum version: Similar to the hot end of the volcano for high-speed printing


Good news! The NF team officially joined our company, and the high-quality product series is all supervised by NF.



1. Conductive heat sinks are reduced by 85% compared to threaded heat breaks. Low thermal conductivity reduces the need for large heat sinks. 2.Small in size, but with sturdy construction, only one hand can be used to tighten the nozzle. 3. The hot block nickel plating can reduce the wear of the thread and the oxidation of the hot block. The copper heat block can not soften at 550 C high temperature and has good thermal conductivity. 4.Suitable for almost any FFF/FDM printer, Can use a very simple installation solution. 5. It can save 20% time compared to other hot ends, and the working temperature can reach 450 C, which meets the needs of printing engineering plastics.


Set1 is suitable for use with small flow nozzles such as 0.2MM-0.4MM. Set2 is a Magnum version similar to the volcano hot end, suitable for large flow nozzles such as 0.6MM-0.8MM, Support for faster printing





1*Heat Sink 1*Ordinary Heat break 1*Plated Copper Heat Block 1*Plated Copper V6 Nozzle 1*Groove Mount Adapter 1Set Screws



1*Heat Sink 1*Magnum Heat break 1*Heat Break Insulator 1*Plated Copper Heat Block 1*Plated Copper V6 Nozzle 1*Groove Mount Adapter 1Set Screws

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