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Custom Print Quotes & Estimates

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Estimates are free. 

Read this guide then get in touch for your free estimate.

Quote $30. 

Quoting the job can only be done after a complex consultation with you about your needs and budget. We basically have to do everything except press the PRINT button before we know how much to charge you. The software we use calculates the time and material each job will take. The $30 is paying for the time we spend consulting with you and selecting the settings that match your needs with your budget. Often $30 covers all the costs of a small basic print because it includes 3 hours of free printer running time and up to 100 grams of material. For larger/more complex prints the $30 covers all or part of the preparation time and you will get a quote for the rest of the preparation and the print cost.

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Estimates from 3DPR.

When discussing prices with 3D Printing Revolution, please understand that 3d printing is not a simple process to quote on. It usually takes an hour or more of our time to prepare a file for printing and that is the only way to get an accurate idea of costs.

3D Printing Revolution can give you an approximate cost estimate for free.  We cannot, however, be held to the price. The figure we come up with is only to be used as a guide to decide if you want us to go ahead and prepare a file for printing and give you a final quote. 

We need to know the quantity, purpose and end use environment before we compile an estimate, this allows us to inform you immediately if we know 3d printing will not be the best solution for your needs or does not fit your budget. The estimate includes an evaluation of the suitability of 3d printing for the job and a ballpark figure so you can decide whether it is worth investing $30 on the minimum set up fee to get an actual quote. An exact cost will be given only after you pay the $30 set up fee for a job and we discuss your expectations of the: strength, surface finish, usage environment, etc.

Accurate Information on your budget and the quantity helps us determine if the file should be optimised for maximum efficiency or printed as is. Knowing where the item will be used will determine the most suitable material for the job. Not all materials are suitable for structural purposes in Australian conditions, each material needs different settings so knowing the usage environment in advance will help us give you a more accurate estimate.

Quotes from 3DPR. 

Due to the complexities of 3D printing, we cannot offer free quotes. The process for quoting is to prepare the file for printing in consultation with you. We choose settings that suit the model, the materials, strength requirements, resolution. We won’t know the final cost until after the job is set up in the 3D printers slicer software. When we choose materials and settings for you we take into account the end-use of the printed item and its environment to determine the best balance for cost strength and appearance. This setup fee is not refundable unless you are unhappy with the quality of our consulting services and do not wish to do business with us in the future. Contact us for a free estimate. We will help you decide if it's worth your money getting a quote. We may give you some homework or offer to do some paid research on the viability of your project before we quote. Please note that the quote is only valid for the first printed copy or test batch of an object. Future costs are based on actual print time and any complications experienced printing the first copy/batch.


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