Products Under Review

Be a product tester for 3d printing revolution!

Help improve the store by becoming a tester. No sign-up required, just buy from this category and give feedback to Sam. He will then decide if the product is worthy of being listed in the store. If there are any problems with the product Sam will help troubleshoot, contact the manufacturer, and where necessary refund you without any heartache.

The products in this category are here because I (Sam) haven't yet received a sample product from the supplier or have not had sufficient experience with it yet to draw a conclusion to its quality or whether or not it is fit for purpose.

The sale prices are enough to cover my costs including advertising. This is as honest as dropshipping gets! Most resellers don't even test their products at all and double or triple the prices. My aim is to provide the right replacement parts and truly useful upgrades. I aim to have accurate product information to make choosing easy and stress-free without paying an arm and a leg. When the products are tested and prove worthy and the description has been updated the testing sale ends and the normal price will be charged.

The descriptions of items in this category are based on the manufactures information alone. Because the description is under development it may be inaccurate and hard to understand or choose the correct variant.

Contact Sam for more information.