cura profile for ender 3 abs.
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cura profile for ender 3 abs.

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My ender 3 ABS Cura profile is for version 4.2.1 and is free to download however donations are accepted. Just run this through the checkout and you will get a download link.

This is the profile I use for printing with ABS on my ender 3 3d printer. For your information, I don't set the material in cura to ABS because the settings it adjusts are very limited. Instead, I use this dedicated profile and just leave the material choice in cura set to PLA. 

Safety warning. Use this profile knowing that the hot end temperature will go to 260c which is hotter than the temp recommended for the stock ender 3 Bowden tube. An all-metal hot end or Capricorn tubing is highly recommended. using the stock setup at 260 will mean earlier hotend maintenance and risk to your family and pets health from off-gassing of the PTFE tubing. 

If you need a profile custom made for your needs why not sign up for a day of Sams personal assistance

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