Copy of COMING SOON!!! Sample with a chance to win 1 kg spool of Sunlu PLA or a Sooway Sw200T 3d printer. free shipping.

Welcome to the competition to win a 1kg roll of Sunlu filament and/or a Sooway SW200T* 3d printer. Easy to enter and easy to win (1 spool for every 25 entries! and  1 in 100 chance of winning the printer!*) maximum 100 total entries in the competition.

This is the perfect gift for yourself or anyone you know with a 3d printer, Its a great stocking stuffer for someone that is getting into 3d printing this Christmas. 

The major prize winner will be selected based on best overall print quality. The judge will be Michael Laws from Teaching Tech on youtube!


Part A;1x 1kg spool prize for every 25 entrants in the competition.

Part B; 1x Sooway SW 200T 3d printer. (only available if there are 50-100 entrants in Part A so please share this to help reach the minimum target).

The rules are simple. 

Rules For Part A;

  1. Sign up to our mailing list with your email address at the checkout when you purchase this random coloured 10m sample spool.
  2. Subscribe to Sam's channel on youtube

Now you are in with a chance to win a 1 kg spool of Sunlu filament delivered. But there's still the printer to win so keep reading!

On boxing day I will randomly select and announce the winners of Part A and a special 3d.stl file for the printing competition.

Entries close midday Christmas eve. Winners announced via email and on facebook live stream on boxing day.

Rules For Part B; 

  1. First, you need to have entered the Part A competition to get the sample filament.
  2. Like our page on Facebook.
  3. Using the sample filament from Part A. Simply print the file announced on the boxing day live stream. (I'll also email the .STL file to you)
  4. Email a single photo of your print to before  29 Feb-2020. (send a separate email for each entry please)

 Rules general;

  1.  Enter as many times as you like.
  2. Printer winner announced via facebook and email at the end of the judging
  3. Winners have one week to claim the prize before it is reallocated.
  4. For Part B photo entry, you need to write; ''COMPETITION'' In the email subject box and 

    In the body of the email please add your name as seen on facebook, your name as seen on youtube, and the email you used to sign up to my newsletter (in the checkout or at the bottom of my website if you forgot to sign up at the checkout page) 


*Part B of this competition is pending that there is a minimum of 50 entries to Part A of the competition. If there's any less than 50 then Part B will be postponed indefinitely until 50 samples are sold. The filament for the printing competition should arrive within 10- 30 days, but please allow up to 50 days for some remote areas. This means entries purchased close to the end of the competition may only get a few days to print and enter part b of the competition. 

Anyone living outside Australia or the USA may have to pay a shipping surcharge on any prizes won. Sorry about that.