Buying a 3d printer is a great investment, but it is not a decision to be taken lightly, choosing a machine that is right for your needs is very important. Use the contact us section to speak in person to Sam Taylor and get to know who you are buying from and discuss your needs and budget. Sam will help you find the right printer to meet your expectations.

At 3D Printing Revolution we care about customer service before, and more importantly after you buy from us!

If you want a 3d printer that comes with absolutely no warranty then shop elsewhere, here we care a lot about your user experience. We understand that sometimes a customer gets sent a lemon and other times people just make mistakes with setting up and using their printer. It is our job to help get things set up correctly and if you have any issues or questions we will work closely with you and the manufacturer to work out what's wrong and organize warranty parts to be sent out asap to keep you printing.

We only work directly with trusted printer manufacturers. We have a great relationship with the factory representatives which means that they trust us and send out replacement parts without a battle whenever we ask. We are also happy to handle general questions about 3d printing, such as slicer settings, mesh fixes, and design considerations.

Please be aware that all 3d printers are an emerging technology and the user is also the technician. When there is a warranty claim, parts will be sent to you and you will be directed on how to install them. This is why it is critical to buy from a seller who cares about you and will take the time to ensure parts are fitted correctly and actually solve the problem.


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