Custom Print Price Preamble

3D printing price preamble:

TLDR We can't beat the price on cheap mass-produced items like clothes pegs.

3D Printing Revolution specializes in custom products that are unavailable on the mainstream marketplace. We can also undercut prices on certain commercially available products. 

Payment is required before we book your job. No payment = no booking.

3D printing is a fast way to produce a small to medium batch of plastic items at an affordable price.

On the surface, 3D printing is a simple case of designing or selecting a model from a free online library and preparing the model with a slicer program and pressing print. Often though there are roadblocks like: 

  • Time taken to find or design your digital object.
  • Broken files that need to be modified or repaired.
  • Choosing the right plastic for the job.
  • Iterations due to shrinkage when printed parts need to marry up to other components in a project
  • Complex shapes which require careful planning of printed support material and then significant post-processing.

Our printing services start from as little as $30  for the first copy Before you decide that you want something 3D printed you should first know the value of an equivalent product. Consider the quantity you need in this equation as the first copy will cost a minimum of $30 due to the  $30 set up fee. Subsequent copies are charged on the actual print duration and material consumption.

Before we book your job the $30 set up fee must be paid.

At 3D Printing Revolution we split our charges for human time, printer time and material separately as follows:

Man hours:

Machine hours:

  • $2.00 per hour. Single colour printer running time costs
  • $2.50 per hour dual colour/material printer running time costs

Material costs:

  •  PLA (bioplastic) $0.05 per gram.
  • PLA special (glow, metallic, rainbow, marble, wood, etc) $0.10 per gram
  • ABS (hi-temp resistance) $0.10 per gram 
  • TPU (flexible) $0.15 per gram 
  • Other filaments on the market are too numerous to list here so just email  us about prices for other materials. 

Warning!!! read the fine print!!! 

* much information was omitted from this preamble so you would actually read it. 

Please read the fine print by following the links highlighted in blue!  The links take you to the relevant fine print. Please read the preamble and then click the links to expand on topics as needed to fully understand what your money is doing for you when you spend it with us. After reading this document in full you will have a clear idea what you're paying for. We are happy to offer a refund when we fail to meet expectations only if you have read and understood this entire document. If you need clarification on anything outlined above please contact us and clarify before proceeding with payment.