Design costs

3D Printing Revolution can design from scratch for you for a $30-$50 per hour fee depending on the licence structure you choose

We can also arrange 3d scanning. Where a real object is scanned using very precise scanning equipment to produce a digital replica of the object.

Designs can be made from scratch or modified using a huge variety of software including some powerful free software that you can download yourself. Tinkercad, fusion 360, and meshmixer just to name a few. Youtube has many tutorials you can follow to learn how to use these free programs. When selecting a design from a file library it is wise to look for designs with a printed example as this shows that it can be printed. Many items on Thingiverse are literally designed by school children who have no knowledge of the limitations of 3d printing. is another file library site that actually tests all files to ensure they are printable.

We are happy to do all or part of the viability research on your behalf for $30 per hour if you find it confusing or simply don't have time and are seeking to outsource the entire project. 

To avoid disappointment you should follow this checklist:

  1. know your budget and the cost of an equivalent product BEFORE making the first contact with us. We may be able to tell you immediately if the project does not fit the budget. 
  2. Don't reinvent the wheel. Look on the web for designs yourself and compare similar items and read comments from people who have printed the item before.
  3. Know what environmental conditions the final product will be subjected to including stresses from use or weight.