Intellectual Property

Please note that the standard $30 per hour design rate is for creative commons designs only. It does not give you the sole rights to the design. All designs produced under the creative commons licence are shared freely with the general public via websites such as 

For an additional $20 per hour, you may purchase the rights and responsibilities of any designs produced under contract with 3D Printing Revolution. 

If you own rights to any designs that we print for you we will not share the files with any other party or print them for any other purpose than filling your order. Any changes to proprietary designs will be charged at ($30+$20) total of $50 per hour and you will receive a copy of the new designs for your future usage and records. On completion of a job, we will email you all data. We then delete our copy unless you specifically ask us to keep it for future print runs. 

If any free third party creative commons designs are used as part of the work we carry out, and you decide to purchase the rights and responsibilities of the combined product you are responsible for providing a copy of the files to the general public so consider this before we use the free designs available on the web as part of your product. It may suit you better to design from scratch if you want to retain control of the intellectual property.