level your bed

This page is dedicated to MANUALLY getting the perfect first layer without the need for any bullshit auto leveling contraptions.

That's right you dont need them and unless you love all the nerdy Arduino programming its not the best option because you need to buy stuff and learn stuff. The manual way you only need to learn a recipe so in my opinion its half as much fuss to just learn the finer points of manual bed leveling than it is to install a janky piece of shit onto your printer.

Getting the bed level, flat, and the correct distance from the nozzle isn't simple or intuitive, thankfully like baking a cake it is easy if you know what to do and in what order and how it should taste and feel at each step of the process.

This page is a work in progress and will be a compilation of various videos and instructions from myself and other content creators.

I think they are very helpful in avoiding the need for auto leveling devices, please follow these people on social media and give them a bunch of likes.

First layer quick reference sheet by Billie Ruben

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Video of nozzle too close by me (Sam Taylor)

Funny video displaying the benefit of printing on plain glass (Sam Taylor)