3d Printer Tech Support
3d Printer Tech Support
3d Printer Tech Support
3d Printer Tech Support
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3d Printer Tech Support

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3d printing technical support forums have their place, but sometimes you just need an answer now and don't want to wait a week to get 3 conflicting views and no answers that solve the problem. If you want to get quality 1 on 1 assistance then try getting some help from Sam Taylor. 

Try it for free! Fill out this form to Get started with 1 free day troubleshooting your issues.

Sam specializes in printer mechanical issues, slicing with Cura, and repairing files in Meshmixer. He can help you in a variety of different ways.

From looking at your prints and settings Sam can begin to diagnose what's wrong or recommend optimisations. Isolate mechanical and slicer problems as well as assist with choosing the best orientation and supports.

Try the free trial day valued at $30 and get an idea of the type of things Sam can help you with. 

Then look into the weekly and monthly rates for better value. Sam is accessible most of the time to assist with your issues. Availability is from 7 am to 12 am Sydney time,  which is equivalent to 5 pm to 10 am NewYork time so it's just perfect for catching up before or after work hours if you are in the USA. Enquiries for individual appointments at other times are welcome.

Photography is your best friend when it comes to getting quality remote help. Here is a great video from my buddy Greg over at 3d printing pro. I hope it will help you with taking great photos.

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