PEI Sheet/ Bed Sticker $60
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PEI Sheet/ Bed Sticker $60

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Shipping has been affected by COVID 19.

This item ships from Vivedino factory outlet in China and the shipping times are unpredictably long due to COVID19 usually 1-2 weeks and occasionally up to 3 weeks

$60 USD sorry but my supplier for these sheets only deals in US dollars with the exchange rate fluctuating I cant set the price in Australian dollars without having to constantly adjust the price. please add to cart with your other items and ill send you a payment link and price in Australian dollars at the time of purchase. I know this is an extra step but it gets you the sheet at the same price you get at the factory outlet website and I get a small commission from the factory


High Quality PEI Sheet:
Imported Raw Material
410x420mm, bear 180℃


link to supplier website.

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